Irish Cardiologists of Tomorrow

Irish Young Cardiologists of Tomorrow

Launched at the Trainer/Trainee Spring meeting in March 2015, the Irish Young Cardiologists Group is an initiative guided by the Irish Cardiac Society and European Society of Cardiology. It is an independent working group run by trainees and complementary to current structures in place, with the aim of facilitating and supporting current and potential cardiology trainees, across all levels of the training program, including fellowship and research programs.

In line with the mission of the European Cardiologists of Tomorrow, the Irish Young Cardiologists Group is one of many similar groups across Europe from France to Russia, extending to Finland, Israel, and Ajerbaijan.

The main purpose of CoT groups, as set out by the European Society of Cardiology, are:

  • To promote excellence in education in cardiology, helping young cardiologists to get updated on scientific and clinical knowledge within the field of cardiovascular diseases.
  • To develop scientific, organizational and political activities of special interest to the young cardiologists.
  • To help in the harmonization of education and training in Europe.
  • To promote cardiovascular health in the community.
  • To connect with peers and leaders in the specialty.

For the Irish CoT group, this translates into informing members around education, fellowship training opportunities, research, access to grants, as well as engaging with and becoming involved with ESC committees, associations, and taskforces that affect the activities of young members.

The Irish CoT also aim to provide essential structured education programs for ESC exam preparation, as well as grant support for specific educational activities or research, relevant to the Irish cardiology training program. 

The CoT committee consists of three members, rotating yearly, from years 1-6 in the training program. 

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