Dublin Cardiovascular Research Forum – Prof Hugo Katus

Cardiovascular help: The importance of advocacy led by physicians.

Speaker: Prof Hugo Katus, Specialist for Internal Medicine and Cardiology
Senior Professor at Universität of Heidelberg, Germany.

Prof Katus is Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology. He served as Chair of the Departments of Internal Medicine (Cardiology, Angiology, Pneumology) first in Luebeck and then in Heidelberg, where he was also Chief of Internal Medicine (Ludolf-Krehl-Klinik). He implemented novel care structures such as a chest pain unit and advanced heart failure unit, which by now are common practice in Germany. Since 2020 he is senior-professor at Heidelberg University and the Department of Internal Medicine III.

Prof. Katus invented the cardiac troponin T assay. This invention and his persistent work on cardiac biomarker changed practice of cardiology. In addition he and his groups contributed markedly to the identification of molecular and genetic causes of cardiomyopathies and enabled the translation of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in heart failure. During his academic career he served as speaker of the German Center for Cardiovascular Research Site Heidelberg/Mannheim (DZHK) and of the prestigious National Genome Research Network (NGFN). He owns more than 12 patents and contributed to more than 1900 publications. He received many awards and honours including the gold medal of the European Society of Cardiology in 2019. He is co-founder of InoCard GmbH and AaviGen, two companies for the translation of molecular treatment strategies in heart failure.

Prof. Katus first established in 2000 the Academy of German Cardiac Society and served as President of the Academy until 2015 and as President of the German Cardiac Society from 2016-2019. Since 2004 he is co-editor of Clinical Research In Cardiology, the official journal of the German Cardiac Society. In 2020 he accepted a position as chair of the Advocacy Committee of the ESC and is member of the ESC board.

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Feb 10 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm