Travelling Scholarship

All cardiology SPRs are expected to seek further sub-speciality training abroad either in clinical cardiology or in research usually for 1-2 years after basic training, to enhance their skills and then return to Ireland to apply those skills and/or research methods to improve patient care. Such training posts are much sought after and highly competitive both in the US and Europe. However, these positions do not provide funding and thus are even more difficult to obtain.

From a trainee perspective, the move abroad to develop further training is challenging from a personal as well as a professional perspective. The IBTCM travelling scholarships are highly valued by the SpRs and have been a very supportive mechanism for SpR trainees in the past, many of whom are now back working in Ireland as consultants.

Scholarships are offered competitively to fellows in training who are required to submit a detailed application of their planned training or research (either basic or clinical) with letters of support from their proposed training director at their chosen centre. The applications are adjudicated by an independent panel of appointed cardiologists based on merit of the proposal, CV, training undertaken to date and institution and type of work to be performed.

Travelling Scholarship 2018:
Dr. Ibrahim Yearoo

Travelling Scholarship 2018

(Left to Right):
Prof. Brendan McAdam, National Specialty Director Cardiology, Dr. Ibrahim Yearoo, Dr. Evelyn McMahon, Scientific Advisor BMS